Ahhhh, Telmex.

Jan 15, 2008

Apparently the phone line that exists in our apartment is owned by the guy who owned the apartment before the current owner. How do I know this? We went to the Telmex office to improve the speed of our DSL by upping the service and it seems that we can't do that without a piece of paper from the owner previous to the current owner stating that we can change his service.

So I emailed the owner and she said to tell them that he never gave her that paper and that she doesn't know how to contact him. This is the second time we've been over to Telmex to talk to them about it. They said, no problem, just get 6 months of receipts that say that the current owner has been paying the bill and we can change it to her name.

Well, the current owner was living in Belgium for the last year and is now in Khazakstan, so it's not like she has been here paying it. It was being paid by the last renters.

We think we'll try Cablemas next. This is going so easily! ;) Actually, right now we have cable lines, but no cable. We're going to work on getting the piece of paper that says we live here and then we're going to get cable set up as a back up in case the DSL goes down. (We're neurotic like that, and we need it to work for work).

On a happy note, I found a Spanish tutor. I met with her for an hour tonight and just talked about all sorts of stuff. We're going to meet twice a week and talk for an hour each time.


Fned said...

Ah yes... the joys of Telmex.... :D

Wait till you have to go the CFE! :s

Hope you get your internet/cable/DSL problem sorted out soon... would hate to miss out on future Mexpat adventures in Playa! LOL


Mexico Way said...

It's easier to set things up with Cablemas than with Telmex. But that's only if they provide Cablemas for your area. Where I live now, they do not. Nor do they deliver pizza from Dominos, Papa Johns, or Pizza hut....but thats a whole different brand of annoyances!

So, it should be easier to set up Cablemas, but be forewarned....there's lots of idiots that work there. Especially the people in the oficinas.

Anonymous said...

hehehe Telmex, why do so many people complain about them? Your either s fan or your not. What is interesting I read Telmex has a monopoly in wireless and trying to do it in T.V. soon. I just read on a Telmex site called Telmexintl.com a spinoff of all their companies called Telmex Intl. is on its way also to The U.S.. Lets see, hopefully some good.