Welcome Home

Dec 20, 2007

We got in last night and there had been a snow storm followed by freezing rain, so the whole driveway and yard was like one solid block of ice. I had a meeting this morning so I figured I'd wait until the sun was up and then I'd dig out. Problem was that the ice was still ice in the morning and there was no digging at it- I needed an ice chipper, which I don't have.

So I dug my car out mostly and started moving it back and forth until I got it good and stuck. Then my neighbor came over and tried to help me by pushing while I drove. Then another neighbor stopped by and tried to help the same way. After about 30 minutes of that we decided that the car was just stuck and we'd have to wait till it got a little warmer later in the day to try to dig it out.

So I canceled my morning meeting and went back to work.

About 2 hours later I hear this thumping sound outside so I go out to see what it is. The guy who mows our lawn (and coincidentally also our mail man) was out there with a snow blower, a shovel and an ice chipper digging away at my car. Wow.

Then the neighbor from across the street comes out and says "Are you stuck? Let me get my tow strap and tow you out." So he comes over and tows me out. Then the mail man uses the plow on the front of his truck to plow our driveway clear.

Man. I have the best neighbors ever.


Mexico Way said...

Wow. That sure was mighty nice of everyone.

When it would snow in Vancouver and we lived in a house, all the men on the block (including me) would rotate shovelling between 3 of our houses. Sure we'd have to shovel 3 houses at once, but at least you only had to do it once a day.

How you holdin up with the cold? You didn't mention it once!

mexpat said...

Yeah- working from home is pretty handy... I was wearing PJ's with long underwear under them all day 'cause I'm a loser like that! ha ha! It's so much more manageable when you don't have to leave the house!

Fned said...

Wow? With neighbors like that you sure you want to move to Mexico girl?