Man, I feel sorta stupid

Dec 7, 2007

Learning about a new place is a slow process. It's funny, when I moved from NC to NJ I got to know how to get around Hudson county. First we lived in one spot and I learned to navigate there, then another spot and finally a third spot. In the course of the 5 or 6 years we lived there, I got pretty good at getting around.

Then we moved to western Jersey. At first I didn't know where anything was, but I'm the type who likes to drive on a road just to see where it goes. Now that we've lived out there for three years I feel like I know it pretty well.

Add to these two places Breckenridge, CO; Charlotte, NC; and Chapel Hill, NC and I start to feel pretty worldly.

I don't know Mexico.

Today we walked around looking for this rental agency that all the expats in the dive industry seem to use to find apartments. We had a general idea of where it was by the cross streets where we should be able to find it. We walked several blocks out of our way before we decided to call our friend Sofia to ask again where it was.

Enter our experience with TelCel. I understand Spanish enough to know what the operator is saying until she gets to the part where she tells you what to dial. I think the problem extends from the fact that I don't know the word for "pound." I'm assuming they'd call "star" "estrella," unless they're calling it "asterisk."*

Anyway, she said she was looking for the person and that if they couldn't connect us we should dial ... um. yeah. So we hung up. Then we tried again and hung up. Then Sofia called us and we accidently hung up on her. THEN we finally figured it out that we should maybe just wait and see if it connects. It did.

Man. Makes you feel stupid.

Anyway, we found the place. They're closed for siesta right now, we'll have to go back later today.

*Ok, I just figured it out, they're saying "Asterisco" as in asterisk... my head hurts.


Fned said...

If I remember correctly they call the pound sign "gato" (like in cat, but also like in the tic tac toe game which is also called gato)

Hope this helps!