Let the insanity begin

Dec 18, 2007

So we're leaving Mexico tomorrow to be home for 11 days while we pack the rest of our crap and get everything ready so we can move. We haven't really found an apartment. We found a few, but we don't have a signed lease or an agreement and we haven't put a deposit on anything.

The owner of the apartment that was near Wal-Mart with the green pool called the guy who has been arranging for us to see the apartment (not sure what his job is or how he makes $ because now he's giving us the owner's contact info) and she wanted to know what happened and wanted us to know she was negotiable on the rent. She's apparently had good experiences with people from Jersey in the past (I know, that's a first!) so she's pretty keen on renting to us. She even wanted to know if we wanted her to get any additional furniture.

Anyway, so we called and bid $200 less than she was asking. Turns out that -SURPRISE- there's a $100/month maintenance fee. Hmmm. Whatever. So if she's into it we're going to take that apartment. We're just going to have to do the negotiation over email because right now she's in Belgium (where she lives) and she's just coming in town for the holidays while we're back in the US.

We looked at one really nice unit, but it was unfurnished and we would be the first people to live there. In the US this would be a good thing. In Mexico it means that you'll be the first to wait at least a month to get a phone. We can't afford to forward all the business calls to our cell phones and pay roaming costs for a month while we work from internet cafes here. We need something more stable. So that's where the other unit comes in.

Anyway, lots of people have said that there will be a lot more selection in January, so if we don't find anything we'll be ok for now. I think both of us wish we weren't leaving now, we're just starting to get into a rhythm with work and stuff. If we didn't HAVE to sort things out with our house and if I didn't miss my dog so much we might not be coming back.

Things I would think about if I ever did this again? You can buy a car here. I don't think I'd bother driving down if I did it again. But we've already got to get rid of my car and we had decided to drive down anyway, so that's what we're doing. I'm glad we came down and checked it out because you seriously can get just about anything you need here. By the way... they even have those Vietnamese rice paper wrappers so you can make Vietnamese Summer Rolls (a weekly staple at home). I think we're going to do just fine here...


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