Is this what I signed up for when I got married?

Dec 23, 2007

Allie: I was thinking about getting a new iPod.
Hans: Why?
Allie: Because your old one that you gave me is SO big and I'd like a smaller one.
Hans: Why don't you just take my nano.
Allie: Ummm... 'cause...
Hans: Besides, I want to get one of those new touch-screen ones and the nano doesn't have enough space for my stuff.
Allie: Yeah. Because I want one of those touch-screen ones and I took your old one last time and you got a new one and I want a new one now!
Hans: That doesn't make sense. You should just take the nano if you want one that's smaller.
Allie: I want one that's smaller AND has the touch screen. If you just need more space, why don't you take the full sized iPod I'm using and I'll get the new one.
Hans: Because I want to be able to show my pictures.
Allie: What?!? Are you dying to show people your pictures? I mean are you carrying around the digital camera so you can show people your pictures now? What makes you think you need to carry your pictures around?
Hans: This is stupid. We don't need any new iPods, we already have like 4.
Allie: Yeah, let's not get any new iPods.


Fned said...

hahahaha!! That sounds like my hubby. I call him Gadget man... While I've been in the US, he's already bought a new camera (when his old one still works perfectly) and a new phone (idem) since I've been here!!... AND I have "Buy iPod Touch" on my things-to-do-while-in-the-US-or-else-Hubby -will-divorce-me-list.

And one thing more... why do we always get the cast off and they get the new stuff? I also used to get stuck with hubby's old stuff (old camera, old phone, old computer)... until I decided I wanted my stuff in pink. You can't beat that argument.... LOL

Merry Christmas DINKs!!


Mamacita Chilena said...

hilarious!!!! thank goodness my hubby likes shiny new things as much for me as he does for himself :)