A Good Apartment Can be Hard to Find...

Dec 10, 2007

I've been calling numbers from the signs that I see hanging off the balconies that advertise "Se Renta" for the last couple days. I haven't really gotten any bites except that now we have two realtors looking for us. I have, however, gotten fairly confident about my Spanish capabilities. I've even been answering my cell phone "Bueno" since most of these calls have been conducted in Spanish.

We're supposed to meet up with an American woman (who is originally from about 3 hours from my hometown- small world) to look at a cheap apartment in Playacar. We're not too excited about Playacar as it's the gated community at the edge of town where all the Americans live because they don't want to mix with the rest of the folks here (although, it's also supposed to be the only quiet place to live in town).

At 2pm we're supposed to be meeting up with an Argentinan realtor who will be showing us an apartment two blocks from where we're staying now, which is the area we'd like to live in. It's not that we have so many friends in Playa, but the ones that we do have all live in this area and have told us that it's the place to live.

On Saturday I met up with Liz at the beach to help celebrate her friend Leta's birthday. It was cool meeting up with a fellow blogger and expat in Mexico. We had a nice time. Here's a quick photo:


Mexico Way said...

Hey you!

Was a pleasure to meet you and your friend. Leta had a great day on the beach with you gals!

You are a correct. I good apartment is hard to find. But keep on treckin. You will find it and it will speak to you.

And remember, furniture and appliances can be purchased relatively cheap here and are very easy to sell. So if you find a place thats not furnished but it calls out to you, you might want to grab it. Plus the rent is cheaper anyways, so you make up for the purchases you have to make initially.

Let us know how it unfolds!!!

P.S. I gotta get new sunglasses....I look like an insect!