The Apartment Hunt Continues

Dec 11, 2007

We saw two apartments today. One was in Playacar, which is where many, many of the Americans here live. In fact, when we got coffee at a little coffee shop last night the waiter asked us if we were going to live in Playacar when we told him we were moving here. It would probably be a great place if neither of us spoke Spanish and had no intention of learning it.

BUT- it accepts dogs. Yeah, it's a dump inside and the furniture smelled and I don't really know if we'd like living there, and I'm sure we wouldn't like the long walk to town and the way it feels so separate and not Mexican, and neither of us really wants to live on a golf course, anyway, and there are way way way too many gringos there.

BUT- it's only $1000/month, which is pretty good considering it was huge and had two bedrooms.

Then we saw one that is only a block away from the Wal-Mart (where you can get groceries) and about a 10 minute walk from the beach and a 5 minute walk from our friends where we're staying now. And it was really cool inside with nice architectural details and a loft in one of the bedrooms. And it's in our price-range.

BUT- there's no parking, the pool looked unmaintained as it was green, and we aren't sure about the pets item, the realtor is checking with the owner.

Tomorrow we're going to see an unfurnished apartment that we've already seen once (but the realtor we're seeing it with priced it at $100 less per month than the owner did when he showed it to us). Really we're just going to look at it to ask the realtor about pets. It seems like a lot of furnished places don't want you to have pets because they're worried about their furniture. The floors are all tile, so that's not a problem.

We're hoping they'll say yes about the pets, because it's $100 cheaper than the unit without parking and is basically brand new. It has a lovely, well-maintained pool and parking, but best of all, it's exactly where we'd like to be located... you can't beat that.

So, fingers crossed, y'all. Hopefully the place tomorrow will accept pets. If they don't, fingers crossed that the other place will accept pets. But worse case scenario we can live in gringolandia.


Fned said...

Here's hoping you get the apartment you want and that it accepts pets... don't forget to tell them your furry friend "esta bien entrenado" (is well trained) "y no muerde" (doesn't bite)...

Let us know how it goes!

P.S. I agree with you... between the green pool and gringolandia the green pool wins... besides, who needs a pool anyway when you'll have the beautiful Caribean beach a few steps away! ;)

Mexico Way said...

Try not to focus too much on the whole "are pets allowed" issue. I would throw it in with a whole slew of other questions and mention that it's a SMALL dog. Try not to make a big deal out of it. I'm sure it will be fine.

Crossing fingers.

mexpat said...

Ha ha, Yeah, we've been mentioning it sort of as an aside, after we've seen the apartment, and then we've been saying he's a medium sized dog. Of course, then they ask what breed and we say he's a small black lab. They're like "Small" huh?

Fned, I thought the same thing about the pool... I'll just swim in the ocean, thanks!

Mamacita Chilena said...

good luck with the whole apartment search thing, I know how frustrating that can get!

I can't believe how expensive rent is in Mexico, jeez louise!

Our one bedroom in a brand new building with every amenity you could possibly think of costs us under $400 a month...and that's on the high side for Chile. I know a lot of people who live in (not as awesome as mine) 2 bedrooms for under $300. I am shocked at Mexico's expensiveness!!!!

Mexico Way said...


Rent really depends on a lot of factors.

My apartment in Cancun is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath with patio, unfurnished and I pay 4,500 pesos per month plus 300 pesos to the security guards because we are in a gated community.

Fned said...

Wow! Wasn't aware of the going rent in a turistic city like Playa but it sounds pretty decent....

A 1 room STUDIO is going for 800 EUR (1,200 bucks!) per month here in Paris! It's insane!!

In any case, for some time now I've been trying to convince hubby for us to go live in Mexico... maybe this will be the push that came to shove... ;)


mexpat said...

Yeah- I think it has more to do with the fact that we're in Playa. Apparently rent in Merida is MUCH cheaper. Oddly, buying a condo here (in the areas where we're looking) is pretty cheap. I'd say that rent is cheaper than what we'd pay in NJ for a similar place. And you couldn't get within 60 miles of the beach for that.