La vida es mas compleja de lo que parece

Nov 8, 2007

I love Jorge Drexler. Seriously. I have a six disc changer in my car and like three of the discs are Jorge Drexler (ok, two others are Julieta Venegas, but that's a different post). My hubby always complains that I have the worst CDs in my car because they're all in Spanish. Whatever...

Anyway, I love this song, but it had some lyrics I didn't get, so today I looked up the lyrics in Spanish so I could see what exactly were the words that he says. I'm going to post the Spanish version and then my rough translation. I'm calling on all you folks already living in Spanish-speaking countries (or those fluent in the language) to let me know if I got it right!

Here's the song so you can hear this wonderful man's voice. Man- he's one of my major celebrity crushes.

Here are the lyrics in Spanish:
El velo semitransparente
del desasosiego
un día se vino a instalar
entre el mundo y mis ojos...
Yo estaba empeñado en no ver
lo que ví, pero a veces

la vida es más compleja de
lo que parece...

Pensaste que me iba a quebrar
y subiste tu apuesta,
me hiciste sentir el sabor
de mi propia cocina...
Volví a creer que se tiene
lo que se merece,
la vida es más compleja de
lo que parece...

Todas las versiones
encuentran sitio en mi mesa...
Todas mis canciones
por una sola certeza.

No quiero que lleves de mi
nada que no te marque.
El tiempo dirá si al final
nos valió lo dolido...

Perderme, por lo que yo ví
te rejuvenece,

la vida es más compleja de
lo que parece...

Mejor, o peor, cada cual
seguirá su camino...
Cuánto te quise, quizás,
seguirás sin saberlo...
Lo que dolería por siempre,
ya se desvanece,

la vida es más compleja de
lo que parece...

Here's my translation:
The semi-transparent veil of unrest
One day came between my eyes and the world
I was committed to not seeing what I saw, but sometimes

Life is more complex than it seems

You thought that I was going to fold
and you raised your bet
You made me feel the taste of my own cooking (I think it's better translated as "You made me lie in the bed I made" or a similar sentiment)
I came to believe that people get what they deserve

Life is more complex than it seems

All of the versions have a place at the table
All of my songs with one sole certainty

I don't want you to take from me anything that doesn't mark you
Time will tell in the end if all the pain was worth it to us

Losing me, from what I see, rejuvenates you

Life is more complex than it seems

For better or worse, everyone will go on their way
How much I loved you, maybe you will continue without knowing
What would hurt forever is already fading

Life is more complex than it seems


mamacita chilena said...

oooh, I like his voice! I had never heard of him before.

Translating songs was one of the ways I used to practice my Spanish all the time. I was big on Shakira's Donde Estan Los Ladrones CD. I think I translated every single song from that CD when I was in high school!