Katie Holmes ran the marathon?

Nov 5, 2007

So I've spent far too much time this morning emailing back and forth with three friends over the validity of Katie Holmes' supposed marathon adventure yesterday. One of my friends works at Runners World and they never heard anything before or after about it. She thinks that someone named Katie Holmes ran it, but that it wasn't THE Katie Holmes and she thinks someone has put this on and created images as proof and they're just pulling all our legs (even Reuter's leg) by posting some photoshopped pictures online.

All I have to say is that I was there, I ran with her. Here's my proof:


mamacita chilena said...

haha, you posted about this too, I guess it is big news!

I am not as concerned about the validity of her running as i am with the fact that she didn't wear a bra while doing it...WHY?!?

For the celeb gossip blog I work for I had to do some research on the story and supposedly she ran under a fake name so as not to attract attention to herself. And in the weeks leading up to the run there were rumblings of Katie going out on secret early morning runs while she was in Germany. So i was convinced...until I saw that she went to a movie premiere with Tom the same night, WEARING HEELS.

So if the story is real, she's not human.

Sorry for such a long comment but gossiping abotu celebrities is what I do for a living :)