I could be doing this from Mexico.

Nov 26, 2007

We got back from South Carolina last night and found that the cleaning lady had come while were were gone and the painters had come and basically painted the entire house an off white color. We're getting there! Tomorrow the floor guys come and refinish the hardwoods so that they match. We're hoping that the realtors can show the house to potential tenants while we're in Mexico for a couple weeks. The place looks totally different now! We both like color, so it's sort of dull to us now, but we want it to work for the majority of people- our color scheme is red and blue mostly, but if someone came in and had forest green as their color scheme, we want our house to work for them, too. Meanwhile, it's looking nice and clean! No marks on the walls, etc.

I got my social security card with my new name on it today. Hopefully the passport will come this week. I'm starting to get excited!

This morning when I turned on my computer I saw that an old client had emailed me to make some edits to one of his sites and he wanted me to make this year's electronic holiday card (a job I've done for him now three years in a row). All I could think was "Dude, I could be doing this from Mexico." I can't wait to be doing what I do here, there.

We have a couple friends visiting us while we're going to be there this time. Aaron and Jeff are going to come down for the last part of the second week that we're there. Hans and Jeff are going to cave dive for two days and Aaron and I will either head over to Cozumel and reef dive or do some sort of exploration of something else. Then we're all going to go to Chichen Itza on one of the weekend days.

We spent Thanksgiving at the beach in SC and let me just say that it wasn't hot enough for me. Sunny and 60 is no substitute for cloudy and 80! Man, it's so close I can already smell the chips and salsa!


Mamacita Chilena said...

I'm getting excited FOR you!!! I know how antsy you get with trip anticipation, I always feel that way before going anywhere. The wait seems eternal. but it will be sooooo worth it once you finally arrive ;)

mexpat said...

Yeah- I keep waking up at like 5 in the morning because I'm excited. And let's not mention how many times a day I think to myself, "...now how would I have said that in Spanish..."