Gettin' Stuff Done for Mexico

Nov 6, 2007

We have been really preoccupied with the amount of crap stuff we have lately. We've been trying to pare down a lot of it so we can pack our lives in our Toyota 4-Runner and go.

There was a time when my whole life fit into a VW Golf... ah the good ol' days. When we moved into our house a few years ago we rented an almost full sized truck. It's obnoxious! And it's not like either of us are pack rats, we've just accumulated stuff.

So this weekend I took some time to go through all my clothes. I pulled together four garbage bags full of clothes plus two bridesmaids dresses (that would be perfect for prom for someone who needs them) and two business suits and took them all to the Salvation Army. It's amazing how empty my closet and drawers are now.

Most of the clothes that I donated just barely don't fit me any more. It's like if I got real anal about losing 10-15 lbs I could wear them all again, but the reason I got rid of them is that I realized that it's been like 3 years since I could wear any of them and by the time I fit back into them they're going to be out of style any way! So I figure that if I get that skinny again I'll go buy some new clothes to celebrate.

Hans also went through his closet and drawers a couple weeks ago and he removed three bags of clothing, too. I guess it's one small step towards being able to get outta here. We still have way too many books and other stuff, though.

We have also spoken with two realtors who are going to come look at our house and tell us what it would rent for. We're also going to ask them about what it would sell for. It's not that we want to sell it right now, it's just that our little minds are cranking and I've been driving 30 miles to hang out with my friends in Hoboken two to three times a week. It's too far. We're thinking of eventually moving closer to NYC again. But for now we're keeping our eyes on the prize. Mexico is first, then we can decide where we want to live when (or if) we come back. Besides, if we rent the house on a one year lease and come back early we'll have to rent anyway, so it might as well be closer to town.


mamacita chilena said...

hahaha, when we come back....

you fool're going to Mexico and never going back to the U.S.!!!!

:) don't be surprised by where life takes you...

Brenda said...

Once you get here, you may never go back. Mexico is addictive. LOL