Fingers Crossed...

Nov 29, 2007

I think we just rented the house to our neighbor's friend. She just called and said she wanted it and for us not to advertise it yet. I'll believe it when I see the deposit check, but she said she'd take it on a year lease starting January 1. We gotta be outta here so she can move in, which makes me think that we gotta start seriously getting the rest of our crap put away. Crazy.

I just lost two hours of my life

Nov 28, 2007

We ordered HBO a couple years ago so we could watch the Sopranos. For whatever reason, we've never canceled it. I like watching some of the series and movies, but one of the best features is that we get access to HBO on demand, so we can watch any movie that is in their current offerings any time we like.

Tonight I decided to watch a movie and the only one in their line up that looked decent to me was "Because I Said So." It's that one where Diane Keaton is the mom and she has three daughters. She meddles with her youngest daughter to try and get her a boyfriend- her youngest daughter is played by Mandy Moore.

Let me just say that it's like the writer of this movie picked up a copy of "Romantic Comedies for Dummies" but stopped just short of reading the chapter entitled "Don't Make it So Predictable it just totally SUCKS!"

I'm a sucker for a good romantic comedy just like any other girl, but this one was pathetic. I mean, even "Must Like Dogs" was better and that one was pretty lame. I seriously just lost two hours of my life that I will never be able to get back. I could have been watching Tila Tequila on MTV and had better pay off... ok, maybe it wasn't that bad, but close.


Woo Hoo! I got my passport in the mail today! I believe that I only have a couple things in my old name now. I know I have two credit cards and my health insurance in my old name and I think my old 401K is in my old name. That's it!

The floors are looking nice now. Tomorrow the guys put the last shiny coat on them and they'll be done. We have a couple more things to pack up or sell before we're ready to get outta here for good, but that will have to wait until we're back from our next trip.

I want to sell two guitars, a steel string acoustic and a nylon-stringed classical guitar. I haven't played in a while and I don't feel like trucking one of my guitars down in it's big-ass case when they make lots of guitars in Mexico. If I really miss it, I can buy another one. That's what I did when I moved to Colorado- I missed having a guitar so I bought one (ok- it was a piece of crap, but it did the job). It's not like I play for anyone but myself, anyway.

I also need to sell my car, but I don't want to put it on the market and then leave for two weeks so I'm not around to show it if anyone calls. It will just have to wait until I get back. It's a great car and in great shape, so I'm going to post it on Craigslist and I hope it will sell in a week or so. We'll see.

Mamacita Chilena reminded me to bring less than I think and I've been hearing that from lots of people lately. I think we're going to bring scuba stuff, computers, some clothes and the dog. We're really trying to not bring much more...

Anyway, sorry for the boring post. Better get back to work.

I could be doing this from Mexico.

Nov 26, 2007

We got back from South Carolina last night and found that the cleaning lady had come while were were gone and the painters had come and basically painted the entire house an off white color. We're getting there! Tomorrow the floor guys come and refinish the hardwoods so that they match. We're hoping that the realtors can show the house to potential tenants while we're in Mexico for a couple weeks. The place looks totally different now! We both like color, so it's sort of dull to us now, but we want it to work for the majority of people- our color scheme is red and blue mostly, but if someone came in and had forest green as their color scheme, we want our house to work for them, too. Meanwhile, it's looking nice and clean! No marks on the walls, etc.

I got my social security card with my new name on it today. Hopefully the passport will come this week. I'm starting to get excited!

This morning when I turned on my computer I saw that an old client had emailed me to make some edits to one of his sites and he wanted me to make this year's electronic holiday card (a job I've done for him now three years in a row). All I could think was "Dude, I could be doing this from Mexico." I can't wait to be doing what I do here, there.

We have a couple friends visiting us while we're going to be there this time. Aaron and Jeff are going to come down for the last part of the second week that we're there. Hans and Jeff are going to cave dive for two days and Aaron and I will either head over to Cozumel and reef dive or do some sort of exploration of something else. Then we're all going to go to Chichen Itza on one of the weekend days.

We spent Thanksgiving at the beach in SC and let me just say that it wasn't hot enough for me. Sunny and 60 is no substitute for cloudy and 80! Man, it's so close I can already smell the chips and salsa!

Life around here and getting ready for Mexico!

Nov 19, 2007

So we've set the date of the first week of January to move to Playa del Carmen. We're going for two weeks in December to look at apartments and generally try living and working from there. It's pretty exciting, but it's meant that we seriously need to look at the amount of crap we have and what we're going to do with it, so that's what we've been doing the last few days.

Hubby spent all weekend going through the three filing cabinets that we had stuffed and removing all old bills (like so old we will never need them for anything) and old contracts, other random stuff we thought we should file, etc. We made three boxes of papers to be recycled and 5 bags of shredded papers that we recycled after making sure that no one could read anything on them.

Meanwhile, I went through the closets and boxed up stuff that we plan to put in storage, like china and high school diplomas, photos, etc. I also made a pile for Good Will and a pile for the garbage. We're going to get a storage area for our china and stuff, plus we have a lot of paintings that I did and that hubby's uncle did and we're not taking them to Mexico. Then there's a couple items of furniture and appliances that we don't want to have to buy again when we move back.

Today I had to rush around like an idiot because I've been procrastinating. We wanted to go to the Mexican consulate to get our visa, but apparently they're sticklers for small things like your name being the same on your passport and drivers license... sheesh! So I had to go over to the social security office today and get my card changed over to my married name (what, it's only been 6 1/2 years!). Then I had to get everything in order and get some photos and send off a bunch of crap and money to get my new passport with my married name. Fortunately, this shouldn't hold us up... I should have my new passport sometime next week, just in time to change the plane ticket to reflect the new name so we can get outta here on Dec 5th!

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving is coming up and we're going to the beach in South Carolina for the end of the week to visit family. It should be fun. We'll be dropping off the cat with my sister, so that will be one less thing to worry about.

Finally, I went salsa dancing last Thursday and had such a great time! I gotta say that I love salsa dancing with guys who are good leaders! There was a lesson before the good people got out there to dance, so I caught up and learned a little and then got to have fun. I even got to dance with the teacher, which was a lot of fun. After that I looked up to see if there was any salsa in Playa del Carmen and it turns out that there is at least one club that has it on Thursday nights. That's good because my personal trainer is Mexican and he always swears that Mexicans don't dance like Cubans or even Colombians. Glad to see there's some dancing happening anyway.

I also went to see Love in the Time of Cholera. It really followed the book, so it was good, but long. Lovely scenery and of course, Benjamin Bratt always is nice to look at. mmm.

Mc Elvis

Nov 18, 2007

So we have set the first week of January as our moving date for Mexico. We've been going through all our crap and throwing away stuff that we don't need, etc. so we can get an idea of just how much stuff we're going to store and how much we don't really need.

I was going through boxes and ran across a box of photos from my wedding. I couldn't resist posting these photos of my dad. He has done Elvis impersonation casually for the last 10 years or so. These were taken at the party the night before the rehearsal dinner party. This was just a casual BBQ get-together at my parents' house. Of course, McElvis (as he calls himself- his name is Mack, so he's McElvis) made an appearance!

La vida es mas compleja de lo que parece

Nov 8, 2007

I love Jorge Drexler. Seriously. I have a six disc changer in my car and like three of the discs are Jorge Drexler (ok, two others are Julieta Venegas, but that's a different post). My hubby always complains that I have the worst CDs in my car because they're all in Spanish. Whatever...

Anyway, I love this song, but it had some lyrics I didn't get, so today I looked up the lyrics in Spanish so I could see what exactly were the words that he says. I'm going to post the Spanish version and then my rough translation. I'm calling on all you folks already living in Spanish-speaking countries (or those fluent in the language) to let me know if I got it right!

Here's the song so you can hear this wonderful man's voice. Man- he's one of my major celebrity crushes.

Here are the lyrics in Spanish:
El velo semitransparente
del desasosiego
un día se vino a instalar
entre el mundo y mis ojos...
Yo estaba empeñado en no ver
lo que ví, pero a veces

la vida es más compleja de
lo que parece...

Pensaste que me iba a quebrar
y subiste tu apuesta,
me hiciste sentir el sabor
de mi propia cocina...
Volví a creer que se tiene
lo que se merece,
la vida es más compleja de
lo que parece...

Todas las versiones
encuentran sitio en mi mesa...
Todas mis canciones
por una sola certeza.

No quiero que lleves de mi
nada que no te marque.
El tiempo dirá si al final
nos valió lo dolido...

Perderme, por lo que yo ví
te rejuvenece,

la vida es más compleja de
lo que parece...

Mejor, o peor, cada cual
seguirá su camino...
Cuánto te quise, quizás,
seguirás sin saberlo...
Lo que dolería por siempre,
ya se desvanece,

la vida es más compleja de
lo que parece...

Here's my translation:
The semi-transparent veil of unrest
One day came between my eyes and the world
I was committed to not seeing what I saw, but sometimes

Life is more complex than it seems

You thought that I was going to fold
and you raised your bet
You made me feel the taste of my own cooking (I think it's better translated as "You made me lie in the bed I made" or a similar sentiment)
I came to believe that people get what they deserve

Life is more complex than it seems

All of the versions have a place at the table
All of my songs with one sole certainty

I don't want you to take from me anything that doesn't mark you
Time will tell in the end if all the pain was worth it to us

Losing me, from what I see, rejuvenates you

Life is more complex than it seems

For better or worse, everyone will go on their way
How much I loved you, maybe you will continue without knowing
What would hurt forever is already fading

Life is more complex than it seems

Gettin' Stuff Done for Mexico

Nov 6, 2007

We have been really preoccupied with the amount of crap stuff we have lately. We've been trying to pare down a lot of it so we can pack our lives in our Toyota 4-Runner and go.

There was a time when my whole life fit into a VW Golf... ah the good ol' days. When we moved into our house a few years ago we rented an almost full sized truck. It's obnoxious! And it's not like either of us are pack rats, we've just accumulated stuff.

So this weekend I took some time to go through all my clothes. I pulled together four garbage bags full of clothes plus two bridesmaids dresses (that would be perfect for prom for someone who needs them) and two business suits and took them all to the Salvation Army. It's amazing how empty my closet and drawers are now.

Most of the clothes that I donated just barely don't fit me any more. It's like if I got real anal about losing 10-15 lbs I could wear them all again, but the reason I got rid of them is that I realized that it's been like 3 years since I could wear any of them and by the time I fit back into them they're going to be out of style any way! So I figure that if I get that skinny again I'll go buy some new clothes to celebrate.

Hans also went through his closet and drawers a couple weeks ago and he removed three bags of clothing, too. I guess it's one small step towards being able to get outta here. We still have way too many books and other stuff, though.

We have also spoken with two realtors who are going to come look at our house and tell us what it would rent for. We're also going to ask them about what it would sell for. It's not that we want to sell it right now, it's just that our little minds are cranking and I've been driving 30 miles to hang out with my friends in Hoboken two to three times a week. It's too far. We're thinking of eventually moving closer to NYC again. But for now we're keeping our eyes on the prize. Mexico is first, then we can decide where we want to live when (or if) we come back. Besides, if we rent the house on a one year lease and come back early we'll have to rent anyway, so it might as well be closer to town.

Katie Holmes ran the marathon?

Nov 5, 2007

So I've spent far too much time this morning emailing back and forth with three friends over the validity of Katie Holmes' supposed marathon adventure yesterday. One of my friends works at Runners World and they never heard anything before or after about it. She thinks that someone named Katie Holmes ran it, but that it wasn't THE Katie Holmes and she thinks someone has put this on and created images as proof and they're just pulling all our legs (even Reuter's leg) by posting some photoshopped pictures online.

All I have to say is that I was there, I ran with her. Here's my proof:

Dive Rebreather

As many of you know, my husband is obsessed with diving. Don't get me wrong, I love diving, too, but I prefer the "open brain, pour in margarita, look at the pretty fishies" type of diving. Hans is a little more hardcore. He likes rebreather diving. Basically, the rebreather catches his exhalation, removed the carbon dioxide and turns it into clean air. It's bubble-free diving. One of the nice things about it is that it's silent since there aren't bubbles making noise. The fish aren't scared of him, instead they come right up to him and look him in the eye.

As part of his obsession, he started making these statements about rebreather diving (closed circuit diving) versus regular SCUBA diving (what's called open circuit diving). I did a quick search online and there weren't any shirts or anything with funny rebreather related slogans on them. Most things are sort of Navy Seal looking stealth crap. So we decided to make some shirts.

We're using Cafe Press to print and ship the shirts for us, so I ordered a couple for him just to check the quality out (plus he wanted them to wear, of course). I am totally stoked at how nice they are! They look really cool. I'm so proud of us!

Anyway, if you want to look at our Cafe Press store (or more importantly, if you want to buy something!!!) you can check it out here: Dive Rebreather.