Mountain Biking is Fun

Oct 28, 2007

Here are some videos from Hans' mountain biking ride the other week.

Hans makes it, George falls.


mamacita chilena said...

hahaha, I love how you and whoever is with you start cracking up as soon as that guy bites it, sooo funny :) put it on youtube and you could make yourself famous.

btw, I will never forget your hubby's name now i know that he has the same name as the evil German. But, don't worry, if we ever meet I won't hold it against him :)

mexpat said...

He's hilarious- every time he falls he comes out with some really "cool" thing to say, like "Oh Boy!" in this instance. Falling is pretty funny as long as no one gets hurt.

And it took me like 3 weeks of dating Hans before I could say his name, it was just too funny!