It's the Hap-Hapiest Time of the Year!

Oct 15, 2007

I'm talking about Halloween, folks! You may know that they are releasing a 3-D version of The Nightmare Before Christmas this Friday, which is a must-see Halloween movie. I love Tim Burton's claymation movies. This one is just awesome, you should watch the regular version if you don't have access to the 3-D one, it's totally worth it.

So, a me and a couple friends were able to convince another friend that he should have a halloween party. I'm totally stoked. We've been brainstorming about costumes for a couple days. I really want to do something fun and witty.

Last year I had a Day of the Dead party (what? yes, I AM obsessed with Mexican culture. What's it to you?) Actually, it was sort of loosely based on the Mexican holiday. The theme of the party was Mexican, but everyone had to come dressed as someone who actually is dead. We had Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana (with tire marks and other car crash injuries), Al Capone, The Crocodile Hunter, Frida Kahlo, James Dean and others. I went as Joan of Arc by wearing a knight costume and tying a burning log to my back (it was made of styrofoam with tissue paper flames). That was about the best I've done in years.

This year I want to do something great... any ideas?


mamacita chilena said...

I'm horrible at these sort of things...I'm not a creative person, sorry!

but I will be expecting to see some fun photos of your party :)