The End is Nigh

Oct 14, 2007

The software project that has been delaying our plan-making for going to Mexico for the last year or so has finally reached launch day! Tomorrow it goes live! That means that we'll still have to stick around here while we make sure it's stable and provide support, but we're that much closer to being able to get outta Dodge.

The hubster is going on site today and staying up there Sunday night and Monday night and as many nights next week as is necessary to get this thing really stable. It's nuts, but it means that maybe in a couple weeks he'll be able to work from home for more than one day! It's been a long, long time since we've worked a full week together from the house.

This project is huge. It basically controls all business operations for our client's 11 offices and their headquarters. The interesting (sad?) thing is that our software is so efficient that it has made about 1/3 of the jobs at the company obsolete. We even had key stake holders come and ask us to downgrade certain capabilities because it was going to make them obsolete. Isn't technology cool? But then again... what will all these people do? Ok- I'm not going to think about that for too long... better to think about what I need to accomplish so I can get outta here!

We have a friend who recently moved to Playa del Carmen who I've been emailing back and forth with. She's a great contact to have there because she's been there for a few months and is working as a dive master (she speaks like 4 languages, so oddly enough she's been doing her thing in French mostly). We had been sort of scared off of living in Playa by the shop owner of the dive shop we use in Cozumel. But the thing is, I am not sure that Coz has enough of the business amenities that we'll need. It's nice (even though it feels sort of like an American invasion) that Playa has a Sams Club and an Office Max or whatever. Plus, the idea of having to catch a ferry every time we want to go cave diving sounds like a pain. Anyway, we can always move once we're there if we don't like it in Playa.

One change in the plans that we had is that we have once again decided to take the dog with us. Roberta, in Coz, told us that she got broken into a couple times but not since she got a dog, so we figure it'll be a good idea to have one, even if he would only lick a burglar to death. He's got a loud bark!

Ok, I'll post more about the where we are and what we're doing to get ready once we really start moving on it!


mamacita chilena said...

Dogs are pretty much the best form of home alarm system...anywhere in Latin America it seems. I had thought it was just a Chilean thing!