Yet Another Reason to Stay in the US...

Aug 20, 2007

Well, we're not making good progress on pairing down our responsibilities here. See, Hans went diving this weekend and brought up a 10 lb. piece of brass off a wreck on the Jersey coast. It's not the soaking in muriatic acid to remove the crap that's grown on it while it was in sea water or the soaking it in fresh water, one month for every decade it was in the sea (six!), or the fact that while you're soaking it for six months you have to change the water every week that bothers me. No, this is all fine...

What I want to know is how do I explain this to the friendly border guards in Spanish as we're trying to enter their country? ;)

We also have two lobsters and no idea what to do with them. Unfortunately, they died on the way home, so they're in the freezer. I learned later that you should keep them cool, not on ice, and just have a towel soaked in sea water on top of them to keep them alive.

Anyone know any good lobster recipes? I get too grossed out to eat them the "just boil and eat them with butter" way. I need something that makes them look less insect-like. Hmmm... maybe we should just give them away.