Where Has August Gone?

Aug 17, 2007

Wow, this month really seems to be flying by! I haven't been that busy at work, which is pretty good, because I have a feeling it's going to get a little nutty this fall. Hans would like to move the Mexico move up. We decided that if we don't draw a line in the sand about a date and stick to it, there will always be another contract or family event or something that is worth staying here for. So as soon as his contact ends and he finishes up with support and what not for them, we're gonna leave this joint!

Today is my godson Kyle's first birthday. They're having a big Elmo themed party for him tomorrow. In two weeks my sobrino William is having his first birthday. It's pretty amazing, but these two little guys are just on the verge of walking and they're both starting to get really cool. I take this as a sign that my clock is ticking... there was a time when I thought that only kids over 5 were cool, then it dropped to 3, then 2... now I think 1 year olds are cute? What's happening to me!?!

I did my first northeast wreck dive of the season last weekend. Yes, it is pretty lame to be making your seasonal debut in August, but I'm just not 100% sure that I really enjoy it. It seems like so much work for so little pay off. BUT, I did get to hang out on a boat on a beautiful day and I got to spend time with Anna, Michele and Hans. I also got to meet Michele's new man, Bill, who was a dear. I think everyone likes him and is glad that Michele is having fun.

Last night I made the trek into Manhattan to meet Hans for dinner. He had to come into town from Westchester to meet with his rebreather instructor, so we met up on the Upper East Side and had a nice, romantic dinner at a great Mexican restaurant and then went and walked on that park that is above the FDR, what ever it's name is. I hadn't looked at the East River in ages, being from the Hudson side of things, it's really got a current! It's evident just looking at it in the darkness, you can see the ripples the current causes on the surface. Anyway, it was lovely having a date with my hubby. After our date, he went back up to Westchester and I went home. I can't wait for this stinking project to end so he doesn't have to commute and stay up there!