The State of the Mexico Experience

Jul 25, 2007

Seems like all my friends ask me if we've made any more plans regarding Mexico every time I see them. For some people, like my personal trainer, that's more than once a week! Anyway, I figured I should post about the state of our plans so that anyone out there who reads this thing can know where we are.

Hans is working on site with a client trying to finish up a major software launch on a project that has been ongoing for over a year. He has been on site for a year so far, before that he was managing it remotely. The software was supposed to launch in June '07 (which is why we originally thought July would be when we moved). It hasn't launched, obviously. Right now we're sort of in a holding pattern and, as anyone who has ever worked in software development knows, these things never launch on time. Add to that the fact that this software is a major undertaking that will effect all 11 offices the client has worldwide and all departments of their business... this is no 6 page website.

SOOOO, they have finally set a launch date of Sept. 15, 2007. The problem is that the way that these things go, we'll need to stick around for quite some time providing support and fixing bugs.

In the meantime, I have a major project that is rearing it's head for round 2 which is due to start in the fall with a launch date of the end of the year. So between my job and Hans' job, it doesn't look like we'll be getting out of here before January '08 at this point. *sigh*

I alternate between feeling ok about this (I do have a great life here with lots of great friends and whatnot) and feeling depressed and like it's just never gonna happen. I am, however, hopeful now that we will miss the brunt of winter weather up here. I really would be better off if February was the beginning of spring up here and we had 85 degree weather by March.


Nancy said...

Yikes! I would be in terrible angst about the delay but you sound ok with it....good for you!

I think you will need to vacation in Mexico sometime between now and the new year, though, to keep those fires burning!

We move in a month, thank goodness. Waiting is hard.

mexpat said...

Thanks, Nancy! I go between being ok with it and feeling like it's never going to happen, but we're putting off some major life stuff until this Mexico thing happens (like having kids) so it's gonna happen!

I'm going back to Cozumel for Labor Day weekend and we'll be diving with the Whale Sharks on the mainland, so that's what is gonna keep the fire under my pants, so to speak.