Lots o' Life Stuff

Jul 9, 2007

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I've been traveling and working and just kinda busy.

After my b-day party I went to the beach in SC with my family for a week, which was wonderful. I seriously doubt there are beaches in the US as nice as those in NC and SC. Montauk, NY came close when I went out there several times as part of a work perk, but the 60 degree and rainy weather there in June and July made it not feel like summer to me. I'm sure that New Yorkers think that's nice, but me, I like sunshine and water that is warm enough to swim in. I like a house that's right on the beach, not one where you have to use a car. Anyway- I'm not knocking Montauk at all, it's great in August and Sept. when the air temp is summer-like. You can even swim there for a couple minutes in September... but you'll want to brush up on your hypothermia rescue skills before you try it.

Anyway- After that I spent a lovely 4th of July at my friend's apartment in Jersey City with a perfect view of Liberty State Park so I saw the fireworks over Lady Liberty and Ellis Island. Is there anything more American than that?

Finally, this weekend I went to Coney Island, NY with some friends. I had never been and it was a great time. We rode the Wonder Wheel and some people rode the Cyclone. Then we hung out on the beach for a while, saw the freakshow and then headed home and all went out to dinner once we got back to NJ. I thought of the perfect motto for Coney Island, "Coney Island: Way less sucky than you think." (Remember when NJ was looking for a motto and someone suggested "NJ and you: Who farted?") The beach is actually pretty nice there (although there is ALOT of broken glass in the sand, so shoes are necessary). The diversity there is excellent, people of all ethnicities, shapes and sizes.

Yesterday I went down to Spring Lake for a day at the beach. It was a lovely time- a really nice beach. The sand is clean because they charge $8 to get on the beach and you aren't allowed to bring coolers or food out on the sand. It might be the nicest beach I've been to in NJ, though I only have Manasquan and Island Beach State Park to compare it to... and I think Manasquan is free.