I Turned 30!

Jun 21, 2007

I had a really excellent party on the 16th in our backyard. Lots of friends and family came. What a great time! Thanks to all of you who made it so much fun! I'm so lucky to have you all in my life!

Thiiiiiiis Close!

Jun 12, 2007

This is how I feel like things are progressing towards us getting to move to Mexico. We're waiting for a contract that hubby is working on to finish and it feels about like this cart.

Whew, whatta Weekend!

Jun 11, 2007

We had an unbelievably productive weekend. Friday night we BBQ'd with some friends around our recently opened pool and newly painted shed!

Saturday I laid around recovering from drinking too much wine at said BBQ and later went to a friend's house for a photo shoot about summer foods for a magazine that we're all working on. Everyone had to bring one of their favorite summer recipes, I brought grilled veggie kabobs with romesco sauce. We took pretty photos of the food for the magazine and then we took less pretty photos of us eating the food.

Afterwards, hubby and I walked around Best Buy to waste some time and then went to see "Knocked Up." It was absolutely hilarious!

Sunday was when we did the heavy lifting that really made the weekend productive. We got up early, grabbed a bagel and proceeded to deliver mulch to the various sections of the backyard that needed it. By about 11:00 we had finally finished off the rest of the enormous mound of mulch that was in the driveway.

Then we set up landscaping lights all around the pool (I actually wired the little suckers together and hubby worked on getting the electricity from the garage, under the flagstone pavers and into the backyard. Much to my surprise (but not hubby's) when we turned on the power all the lights came on!

A few weeks ago we bought two outdoor speakers that look like rocks, so we decided that while we had the flagstone torn up, we may as well run the speaker wires. So we also connected the speakers to a stereo in the garage. When we went to try some music, both (!) speakers actually worked! I surprised hubby with a little Wu-Tang as the test music, so of course we had to test how loud the speakers really were. I'm sure our neighbors were glad to hear us blasting profanity laden rap for all the little kids in the neighborhood to jam to. I couldn't believe it! Usually it takes me about 100 tries to get stuff like that to work!

Anyway- we finished three projects on Sunday (lights, music, mulch) and during the course of last week we had the shed painted and opened the pool!

On a sad note, the pool claimed another casualty, this time a bird.

Remember This?

Jun 7, 2007

Three Casualties

Jun 5, 2007

So far the pool has been open (not running, just cover off) for about a week and there have been three casualties. The first was a chipmunk that was floating slightly below the water line. He disintegrated when I removed him with the skimmer, which means he must have been there for a while.

Today I fished out two more chipmunks from the pool, a small one and a large one. Both sort of smelled and were slightly bloated but stayed in tact. Disgusting. I don't recall the pool being quite as deadly last summer. I think we killed one toad and one chipmunk. Hopefully this is all we get for the summer, two per week is a little excessive.

The pool guy comes tomorrow to get us all set up and running.