Vegas, baby, Vegas

May 25, 2007

Well, we're off tonight to visit sin city. Hubby's parents wanted to get remarried by Elvis for their 30th wedding anniversary and they wanted us all there. Seeing as they got remarried by him for their 25th, they decided to cancel the actual wedding festivites, so now it's just a family trip to Vegas.

Things I plan to do in Vegas? Lay in the sun by the pool, get a massage, workout in their gym facility, see Cirque du Soliel, visit various casinos that we didn't get to see last time we were there like the Luxor, the Bellagio, MGM Grand, etc just to see how they look- I'm a sucker for good set design. I'm not planning on doing much gambling, not my style. I'm sure hubby will make up for my abstinence, though. He can gamble, I'll be in the bar drinking mojitos and eating ceviche...

Now I'm off to the bank, I gotta drop off the dog at the kennel, etc... lots to get done to button up around here.