Productive Weekend

May 15, 2007

The weekend began early on Friday, when hubby came home from work a little early. We went to the electronics store to talk to the guy about outdoor speakers for the pool area. We left with an order in for two "granite" speakers- the kind that look like rocks. Then we headed over to the tattoo shop where I got to watch hubby turn pale and whinge as he got a full back piece of a sea monster taking down a ship. (I'll post a picture soon). Then we grabbed a quick slice of pizza and I went off to a swing dance.

Saturday we had a huge yard sale and made almost $700! Then we went to HomoDepot (as we call it) and got some landscaping lights to put around the pool with the two "granite" speakers. Then I proceeded to watch two excellent netflix movies in a row, Wetback , a documentary about people trying to immigrate to the US from Central America, and Amar te Duele, a modern day Romeo and Juliet story set in Mexico City.

Sunday we did a little puttering around the yard, I did some weeding a pruning and hubby took the last load of clippings to the recycling center. Then we shoved a wiring snake down these tubes that the previous owners left in the yard for wiring to see where they went- that was fun... Then we went to the mother-in-law's and hung out, then dinner and a quick stop by some friends' house.

All in all, it was a nice weekend. Sounds lame, probably, like in Old School when Will Ferrell tells those kids about their nice day planned tomorrow, Home Depot and if there's any time left over, Bed Bath and Beyond! I guess I'm officially a yuppie, ugh...