Back to Life

May 30, 2007

Vegas was nuts, I stayed up way too late and drank too much and walked around in the heat too much. We did go see Ka by Cirque de Soleil, which was unbelievable and definitely worth every penny. Then we went to see a hypnotist. I had high hopes that it would be as funny as the show I saw in D.C. Instead, it was just about making people look stupid by putting them in sexually loaded situations- like trying out for a stripper job or working as a porn star. Not my favorite.

Over all, I would have to say it was an interesting trip. We stayed at New York New York. Next time I would stay at either the Venetian or the Mirage, they were both beautiful and at a good location in the middle of the strip. We had an unbelievable lunch at the Venetian.

We also rode all three ride on top of the Stratosphere. That was pretty fun. All in all, I know I will be back in Vegas at some point, but hopefully not in the next few years. I've been there twice in two years, I'm ready to visit Europe or other places. Vegas is nice, but I really could never live there.


Malcolm said...

Did you ride the roller coaster at New York, New York? It's even better after you've been drinking for three days.

I think my next trip (if there IS a next trip), I will have to stay at the Paris. The casino is BEAUTIFUL, even if you can get herpes just by looking at its namesake.

mexpat said...

LOL- I hope Paris isn't the namesake for Paris Paris! :)

Nah- we rode the NYNY roller coaster last time. Next time I'm totally staying at the Venetian!