What to do in the event of a terrorist attack

Mar 28, 2007

I recently saw this site again. Someone at my old job had sent it to me shortly after 9/11 and we all got a good laugh, but I forgot how funny it was (and still is). This particular piece of advice made me laugh:

To eliminate smallpox, wash with soap, water and at least one(1) armless hand under a faucet with no sink.

If you haven't seen these before, you should check them out.

I spent the weekend in Washington, DC with my parents. It was a really great trip! We did some touring and had an awesome time at the Improv seeing Flip Orley, a hypnotist that did a hilarious show.

Things that I did on this trip that I can check off my "done, don't need to do again" list include:

  • Visiting the Ford Theater where Lincoln was shot

  • Visiting the house across the street where Lincoln died as a result of his injury

  • Visiting the Washington National Cathedral

Things that I want to do on a subsequent trip include:

  • Stay in Alexandria Old Town again but bring a bike this time

  • Go biking around

  • Hang out in Georgetown (preferably not when their team is about to beat my team in overtime in the ACC)

  • Visit the spy museum

I highly recommend the Acela Express train between NYC and DC- it's quick and very nice.