Weekend Update

Mar 5, 2007

I had a lovely weekend here in Jersey. Yes, one can have a lovely weekend in Jersey! :) Friday night dear hubby and I grabbed some sushi and vegged. It was nice- we seem to often round out the week this way. He works out of town and stays out of town two nights a week, so when Friday comes we're usually really glad to see each other and also burnt out from working all week. We watched a couple episodes of What Not to Wear and called it a night.

Saturday I went to a permanent make-up party. It was totally cool. I got my upper eyelids tattooed with what is called "eyelash enhancement." It's really a thinly tattooed line that follows your lash line. I was seriously worried about doing it because I had looked up permanent make-up online and all the pictures were freaky! My friend Sheri went first and once I saw hers I was sold. I'm not a frou-frou person and I don't ALWAYS wear make-up, but this is very nice and subtle. Besides the pigments are designed to fade in a few years, so if I don't want to continue with it I can let it fade out. So far I am happy with it.

Sunday hubby invited me on a bike ride, but it was 34 degrees outside and supposed to snow and they were doing 25 miles on a course they plotted on a map, so they couldn't say how hilly it would be. I chose not to go. I like road riding OK, but doing a miserable ride is a sure way to make me hate it. Did I mention that I hate cold? I would be fine for it to be summer year round. I can go visit winter somewhere else.

Instead, I did my p90x videos and ate well and just did my own thing. It was nice.