This Just In... p90x Still Kicking My A$$

Mar 8, 2007

I'm into week 5 with p90x and lovin' it. There are 12 DVDs and you do them in various orders. For the first three weeks I did lots of push ups and pull ups and what not, then yoga and kenpo and plyometrics, etc. It's a very well rounded program. For the 4th week, you do lots of yoga, cardio and core exercises- it's a recovery week.

Well, now I'm into week 5 and there's a whole new set of DVDs that I haven't done yet. Last night I did Chest, Shoulders and Triceps. Holy cow. I'm going to be sore today. On an up note, I can see a difference in the mirror and I've lost almost 4 lbs.

Sunday is my sister-in-law's 30th birthday. She wanted to celebrate with two weeks in Spain, but the trip just couldn't get planned in time. I think we will still be going to Spain, but it might be in the summer. I hear it's pretty darn hot, but that's fine with me. She wanted to do three weeks and see Barcelona, Madrid, southern Spain and then go to Morrocco for a couple days. I can't do that long, but I would like to see Barcelona and Madrid.

If I can't go with her, I think Hans and I will go in the next year or two. He said he wants to go to France to see cathedrals, I told him there are cathedrals in Spain and at least I can speak the language! We'll see. For now, it's Mexico that's in the plans- I can't see us getting to Europe before leaving for Mexico... and once we're in Mexico, it might be more fun to go see Cuba and other countries that are closer.

Speaking of Mexico, I am going to see Maná next week at Madison Square Gardens! Cat got tickets and invited me! I'm not that familiar with their music, so I bought a disc of theirs from iTunes yesterday.

Jorge Drexler was the first concert I have been to that was in Spanish and it was awesome. Maná should be on the total other end of the spectrum. Jorge Drexler played in an intimate theater with an acoustic guitar, Maná will play in a friggin' huge stadium and I'm pretty sure they won't be acoustic...