Punctuality for Peruvians?

Mar 1, 2007

I was catching up on my global news this morning when I ran across this article on the BBC news website: Bidding Adios to 'Manana'.

Apparently the Peruvian government is going to ring a bunch of bells and alarms to remind people to set their clocks to the Naval clocks and to be punctual. I wonder if punctuality has really been such a problem there...

One of the things that I'm most worried about with going to Mexico is that hubby will not be able to adjust to the concept of manana. As a born and bread Jersian (though he grew up closer to the Empire State Building than the World Trade Center was, which is to say he basically lived in the 6th borough), he is used to getting what he wants now. There is no patience for waiting in line or for "incompetence."

When I read about what life can be like in Mexico, one of the things that is mentioned in the books is the fact that the office supply store may not have the printing paper that you need and when you ask them if they'll get it in stock any time soon they might say "Manana." Later, after visiting the store for several weeks asking about the paper you will learn that they do not intend to re-stock the paper, they just didn't want to hurt your feelings so they told you they would have it, what in English I guess would be, "soon."

The article also mentions that punctuality could be a Protestant thing. Those pesky Puritans really had it in for us! Our work ethic is strong, punctuality important, sex is a no no, and we're extremely prudish as a nation! Sheesh! It's really quite interesting and makes me want to read a book on the effects of Purtitan roots on our country, except that I would probably actually get bored and not be able to finish that one...

I wonder how much warm weather has to do with affecting punctuality, too. They say that Northern African and Middle Eastern nations do not hold punctuality in such high regard. Could be that there's a whole section of the earth that's not too punctual.

I guess those Malibu Rum commercials might not be that off!