Jorge Drexler fue maravilloso

Mar 7, 2007

Last night I saw the best concert I have ever seen. First of all, it was about 12 degrees outside with that artificial wind that is created in New York because of the tall buildings, but inside Town Hall, the mood was warm and intimate.

I went with three friends to see Jorge Drexler. Two of my friends are in my Spanish group (one is actually Peruvian) so they were familiar with him and his music and could understand his lyrics. My other friend is just starting to learn Spanish, and by just starting I mean, she literally just started about a month or so ago.

After he played his first song, he covered his eyes and looked out into the audience and asked, "How many people here do not speak Spanish?" About 15 people raised their hands. He said he would make it a bilingual experience for us all and continued to speak in English between songs to explain what the songs were about. He was charming and funny and spoke with hardly any accent.

Town Hall is a smaller theater in the middle of the theater district. I was surprised to see that it was not sold out. When I saw the tickets go on sale I rushed out (to ticketmaster online) to make sure that I got seats, fearful that they would be gone in hours. Apparently I underestimated his popularity in the US. I'm just glad he came at all.

He played on stage all by himself- no band. It was amazing to see him create the various layers of his songs using a drum machine and some sort of echo machine that he was able to add various sounds to using one of those old style chrome microphones. Jorge Drexler is quite possibly the most creative performer I have ever seen, and we were about 40 feet from him!

The show was amazing, the crowd sang along with him in a mellow, beautiful way. He played a good mix of songs from 12 Segundos de Oscuridad and older songs including the one I was really hoping he would play, El Pianista del Gueto de Varsovia. He closed the night with Todo se transforma. Unbelievable evening, well worth fighting the insane temperatures and paying the $40 to see.