Dude... American Idol Rocked Tonight

Mar 13, 2007

Yeah... that means I made it a whopping two days without television. *sigh*

Actually, AI wasn't even that great, it was just AI. I also had 2 beers and ate a bunch of nuts... *sigh*

Anyway. I got my hair cut today. LOVE IT. It's a hip little shaggy ditty with bangs. I'm diggin' it. It's much more versatile- looks good up, down, partially up. So big shout out to Deanna at the Fusion Spa and Salon who did it. She rocks. Go get your hair done by her.

I'm going to see Maná tomorrow night with my friend Cat. Looking forward to it! I'm not too familiar with Maná's music, but it will be a fun night nonetheless.

Hubby went to a meditation night in NYC tonight led by the guy who wrote Dharma Punks. He said it was cool, though I haven't had a chance to talk to him much about it since he's still not home yet. I might check it out next Tuesday.

I laughed really hard at this: Matt Sears tells us how to find love now.