Wow, this thing is Free!

Feb 28, 2007

Wow, this blogger thing is free! Who knew! Seriously. I mean, I work with websites and never knew that blogger was free. This is cool.

Well, I wanted to start a blog to document our potential move to Mexico and also to have somewhere to post about Mexico once we're there. Plus, I want to generally blog about things that interest me like exercise and celebrity gossip and whatever I feel like without it being attached to my job or anything like that.

My hubby and I have been making plans to move to Mexico for the past year. We want to spend about a year there working, learning Spanish and diving in the cenotes. We own our own business that is internet-based, so we plan to continue to work for our US clients.

I speak at what I would consider an advanced level of Spanish. I can watch Univision and Telemundo and I can basically say anything I would say in English in Spanish, though I might have to think about it a little while and maybe translate in my head. Basically, I just want to get past that, to dream in Spanish, to think in Spanish and to learn Mexican slang and stuff like that. Ultimately, I would love to speak it well enough to teach it to our (yet to be really even thought about) children.

And the cenotes... basically, the Yucatan peninsula has some of the best cave diving in the world. Their rivers all run underground in a series of limestone caves that used to be dry but are now full of water. This means that they have great formations that you would expect to see in a dry cave. Beautiful diving, though very technical.

So that's why I wanted to start this. I hope that it allows friends and family an inside look into our lives and what we're doing. I guess that's all!


Cave Crazy said...

Dreaming in Spanish? You have lofty goals. I just want to be able to cave dive and read books.

See you in karst land.

-Cave Crazy

Fned said...

Wow! You sound like me wanting to learn french... it'd been an obsession of mine since forever (I guess it had something to do with my parents naming me Francine) and in 2002 I finally found a way to come to Paris for a 6 month internship....

... almost 6 years (and a husband) later I'm still here and I now not only dream in french, I also curse, argue, negotiate and work in "Molière's" tongue...

So go for it! I see from your recent posts that you are getting ready to move to Playa in January...

Que te vaya muy bien y mucha suerte chica!!!


Delighted Scribbler said...

¡Qué padre! Espero que disfruten mucho su temporada en México. Muy lindo tu blog.

mexpat said...

Gracias por visitar mi blog, Delighted Scribbler!